Amateur and performance skiers, as well as snowboard users, are obliged to comply with the following rules of conduct established by the International Ski Federation and adopted by the Order of the Minister of Tourism no. 491/2001:

  1. To ski in such a way as not to endanger the life of another skier or cause him harm.

  2. To adapt their own speed and manner of skiing according to their technical preparation, physical condition, snow condition, degree of difficulty of the slope, atmospheric conditions and the density of traffic on the slope.

  3. To carefully choose the path to descend, in order to protect the skiers downstream.

  4. To overtake the skier downstream either on the right or on the left side, provided that this overtaking is wide enough to avoid any unexpected evolution of the one to be overtaken.

  5. To ensure, through a careful examination of the upstream and downstream traffic, that both he and other skiers are out of any danger when crossing a slope or resuming the route after a temporary stop on it.

  6. To avoid parking on the slope, especially on its narrow sections or those without visibility. In the event of a fall, clear the slope as soon as possible.

  7. To use only the edge of the slope, if he is forced to go up or down on foot.

  8. To respect the signaling indicators and marking beacons installed on the slopes and ski trails for leisure.

  9. Decline his identity in front of the competent authorities, if he witnessed an accident or caused the accident himself.

  10. Notify the National Salvamont Dispatch at phone number 0Salvamont (0725.826.668) in the event of an accident on the slopes, specifying the following: your name, what happened, how many people need help, when the accident occurred and where the people are injured. Try to protect the casualty until the mountain rescue team arrives.

People who use the slopes and ski trails for leisure purposes other than skiing are obliged to comply with the following rules:

 a) not to go down the slopes or ski trails for fun using sleds or improvised devices;

 b) not to damage signaling indicators, panels and marking beacons;

 c) not to drive on the slopes or ski trails for leisure with cars, tractors or any other type of vehicle;

 d) not to carry out work that would lead to damage to the slope or the recreational ski trail;

 e) not to deposit materials of any kind or waste on the slopes and ski trails for leisure;

 f) not to use approved recreational ski slopes and trails for grazing;

 d) not to paste advertising materials on the supports or on the plates of the signaling indicators.