The first official bike resort served by a gondola type facility, opened in Romania, for all categories of riders.

          Just above the city of Sinaia, between Cota 1400 and the lower station of the Sinaia Gondola section 1000-1400, you will discover Bike Resort Sinaia with the four routes of downhillall mountain and XC arranged, which together add up to approximately 10 km of single trails and forest road, but also all the facilities related to the practice of these disciplines: a modern cable car installation, a map of the routes, a panel with tools, a special space for washing bicycles. 

          Sinaia has a rich downhill tradition since the 90s, among the first gravity mountain biking competitions in the country being organized in the Royal City: Kamikaze Downhill, Gravity Jam or Sinaia Stepdown Challenge. These contests took place on temporary tracks, which received approval for operation only for the periods of the mentioned competitions. The year 2010 was a moment of crossroads, with countless conflicts between cyclists and the Bucegi Natural Park administration.

          The prohibition of mountain biking on the trails located in the Cota 1400 - Cota 1000 area represented a real impediment in the tourist development of the city of Sinaia. After more than 15 years since the first competitions, in 2013, Transport Urban Sinaia made major efforts to bring about a change in the way of thinking of the public authorities related to this branch of cycling: the opening of the first official Bike Resort served by an installation gondola type, from Romania. In 2013, two descent routes were opened - Happy Bear Trail and Old School Trail. In addition to the new segments, the two trails kept a part of the lines of the old trails, but in a much improved and much safer form. The Easy Breezy trail was put into use in 2015, and in 2016 the Fairy Trail was inaugurated, the newest trail in Bike Resort Sinaia.

          Also, over time, Bike Resort Sinaia it included various facilities for the riders who cross its threshold, such as a water station for washing bikes, Bike Pass cards with preferential offers for riders or the modern route map.

          Trails vary in style, geomorphology and degree of difficulty, being designed to be ridden by a wide range of riders with varying levels of experience. Trail information signs are present along the entire length of the trails, showing the direction of travel at intersections with other roads, as well as the name and degree of difficulty of the trail you are on. All difficult sectors can be avoided by detours. Thanks to these alternatives, the trails become accessible to a wide segment of riders and can be covered even on mountain bikes of the type hardtail.

          With due respect for the environment and a lot of passion for mountain biking, Bike Resort Sinaia supports the practice of sports in nature and aims to remain the same wonderful playground dedicated to all mountain bike riders.